AHDI Approves

After rigorous self-study of our medical transcriptionist/editor curriculum and educational program, MDS of Kansas submitted application in July 2011 for approval by the Association for Healthcare Documentation Integrity (AHDI).  Final complete approval was awarded on September 28, 2011.
In AHDI’s words:
The medical transcription program approval process was instituted by the Association for Healthcare Documentation Integrity (AHDI) to encourage compliance with AHDI’s Model Curriculum for Medical Transcription, maintain sound educational programming, produce competent entry-level medical transcriptionists, and assure consistency and high-quality outcomes for medical transcription education.
Programs must comply with specific educational and institutional criteria as established by AHDI.  There is no formal accreditation process for medical transcription programs, but AHDI program approval is regarded by industry employers as an emerging benchmark for job-ready workforce candidates.

Medical Language Specialists are a vital link in the healthcare documentation industry.

They must be well educated in medical language, theory and practical skills as they provide a critical link in the transference of a clinician’s thoughts to the official patient health record.
Core areas of study for Medical Language Specialists are medical terminology, anatomy and physiology, human diseases, laboratory medicine, pharmacology, and medical science.

Knowledge gained in these areas prepare a specialist for three different career paths in our educational program:
  • Medical transcriptionist/editor
  • Coding/HIM technician
  • Clinical Information Managers/Medical Scribes

Medical transcriptionists,  HIM technicians and scribes must have an extensive base of medical knowledge, but must also be competent in English mechanics, technology, healthcare documentation, professional practice, pharmacology, HIPAA privacy/security issues, and medical ethics.