Medical Transcription Lawsuit Exposes Inherent Dangers To “Care-Then-Document” Model

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This case exposes the liability of documenting after the physician patient encounter, which is the historical practice of medical transcription companies.”

“Real time, onsite medical scribe documentation, alongside the physician, adds to increased operational productivity and patient safety protocols within the EHR environment.”

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MDS proudly announces approval from the American College of Clinical Information Managers, ACCIM, for our Medical Scribe (CIM) accelerated programs!  ACCIM is the only governing body that has set a certification process.   Our programs have been submitted to Kansas Board of Regents and we anxiously await approval to add these 2 new programs to our current MLS/MT.    The time is right … the outlook is good!

Medical Scribe Study Finds Scribe Use May Extend Physician Careers 85%

“With respect to productivity (agree or strongly agree), 64.2% felt that they had higher relative value units and 79.4% were able to treat more patients per hour with scribe utilization. The majority of respondents (74.8%) felt that scribes were very or extremely beneficial when transitioning to use of an EMR. Respondents who were previously using an EMR without scribes indicated that there was a large positive impact of scribe utilization on EMR experience with respect to relieving the stress of documentation (87.4%), being able to “focus on being a physician” (78.8%), quality of life (77.9%) and patient care (77.3%).”