MDS proudly announces approval from the American College of Clinical Information Managers, ACCIM, for our Medical Scribe (CIM) accelerated programs!  ACCIM is the only governing body that has set a certification process.   Our programs have been submitted to Kansas Board of Regents and we anxiously await approval to add these 2 new programs to our current MLS/MT.    The time is right … the outlook is good!

Medical Scribe Study Finds Scribe Use May Extend Physician Careers 85%

“With respect to productivity (agree or strongly agree), 64.2% felt that they had higher relative value units and 79.4% were able to treat more patients per hour with scribe utilization. The majority of respondents (74.8%) felt that scribes were very or extremely beneficial when transitioning to use of an EMR. Respondents who were previously using an EMR without scribes indicated that there was a large positive impact of scribe utilization on EMR experience with respect to relieving the stress of documentation (87.4%), being able to “focus on being a physician” (78.8%), quality of life (77.9%) and patient care (77.3%).”