National MT Week: May 14-20

As we get ready for National MT week, let’s take a look at the importance [still] of the Medical Transcriptionist in today’s healthcare industry:

    • A skilled workforce produces quality documentation. Healthcare documentation specialists (HDSs) and medical transcriptionists (MTs) ease the documentation burden from physicians.
    • HDSs and MTs consistently achieve documentation accuracy rates higher than 99%,¹ and by harnessing this workforce’s expertise, clinicians’ time, coding, and revenue are optimized and the data governance strategy is strengthened.
    • The narrative allows physicians the opportunity to add the qualitative information that provides context to the patient’s medical history and care. HDSs and MTs understand the complex story-telling of patient care and are experts in document standards and data capture.
    • Your healthcare documentation team are highly skilled, analytical quality assurance specialists who provide risk management support in capturing healthcare encounters and making sure they are documented in a way that promotes clinical clarity and coordinated care.
    • HDSs and MTs need to be positioned to ensure accurate documentation of care encounters and to identify gaps, errors, and inconsistencies in the record that may compromise care or compliance goals.
    • HDSs’ and MTs’ body of knowledge is vast and includes pharmacology, human disease processes, anatomy and physiology, HIPAA, privacy and security, and diverse technologies used to capture health data.
    • Certify to healthcare delivery that HDSs and MTs have the training and expertise to be valued among the allied health and HIM delivery teams by earning and maintaining your professional certification.

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