“Mobile is changing everything”

DoctorBase Passes 3 Million Patients On Its Mobile Messaging Platform

tabs_patientDoctorBase.com, a service allowing physicians to offer their patients secure, medically oriented smartphone access, has announced that they have surpassed three million patients and more than 9,000 healthcare providers on its platform.  They also announced a free version of their product will be available to licensed providers in the U.S. starting today.

Created by former developers from Five9 and LiveJournal, working with a team of primary care doctors and specialists ranging from OB/GYN to Oncology, San Francisco-based DoctorBase believes that mHealth-as-a-Service is the solution to expensive, cumbersome patient portals that have failed to gain traction with either providers or patients.

“Mobile is changing everything,” said John Sung Kim, CEO of DoctorBase.com. “Now that health systems are starting to wake up to the benefits of cloud computing and the Internet, they’re so late to the party that it’s no longer about that paradigm – patients across all demographics now use smartphones as their primary connectivity device. That’s leaving both doctors and patients communicating with each other in non-HIPAA compliant, unsecured ways such as email and text for the simple sake of convenience.”

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