MDS is excited to be a game-changer in the RCM industry!

The time is right!  Let us help reduce the stress incurred by claims denials and lost profits. We focus on your practice’s non-medical, business aspects giving you time to focus on practicing medicine.  EHR and RCM should work together and that is why we are offering the most competitive billing services in the industry!   Cash-flow is the lifeline of your practice and there is no reason to pay upwards of 12% on receivables.  This is damaging to your bottom line.

The burden cost of on-site billing can be more than costly;  it can be quite straining to the company creating weighted overhead.   Because time, money and resources are valuable assets,   MDS’ RCM Services provide the right solution.  We have certified, expert billing and coding staff to handle all operations of a patient encounter, securely and accurately. Our software dashboard(s) provide a process and visibility in real time, at the point of care.

Our staff and software support team have a combined 20+ years in billing service analysis, RCM, and business operations and review. Our experience in healthcare documentation with state-specific billing rules and regulations set us apart from others in the industry.   We KNOW our business.

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Medical Document Services of Kansas, LLC (MDS) is a Wichita, Kansas healthcare document service specializing in Medical Transcription, Revenue Cycle Management, EHR technology, and REAL-TIME solutions.   We provide efficient, accurate, affordable quality services for hospitals, clinics, and facilities of all sizes. Call 866-777-7264 today, or visit our website for more information.