Medical Identity Theft

Fraudulent Healthcare is on the rise!  Make sure your information is safely guarded;  ask your providers what precautions they take with your information.  Where are your medical records stored?

Amazingly, and shockingly, the Federal Trade Commission estimates medical identity theft happening to as many as 9 million people every year.  There are many victims to this growing theft and you or someone you love could be next.  Statistics show a 20 percent increase in 2012 of said medical identity theft.  This is estimated to have cost consumers $12 billion dollars.  In fact, according to a recent survey by the Ponemon Institute, there were 1.84 million victims in 2012 to this personally invasive crime.

Maybe you have wondered why the hospital or physician’s office needs so much personal information.  Criminals are trying to steal your identity to secure their own healthcare, and experts predict that it is only going to get worse because of the rising cost associated with healthcare.

Until the federal healthcare site is secure, it is recommended to phone your request in directly so you are not at risk for medical identity theft.

Be aware of scammers who will use your personal identification and information to seek drugs!  They will most certainly try to gain this information to scam the pharmacies and acquire pharmaceuticals, in addition to office visits and even surgeries.   

”Examine your insurer’s explanation of benefits, received after you pay for medical services. The document can reveal red flags of medical-identity theft, such as types of procedures and exams for which you are billed but that you did not receive.

Do not share your personal identification with family members or someone you know so they can obtain treatment, health-care products, or pharmaceuticals.”  Read more…

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